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Listing homes using VideoLink allows you to easily create dynamic video advertising that will get the attention of consumers. With an easy to use web interface, you’ll be able to create and manage custom video ads.

You control the look and content of your ad. Choose the color scheme, layout and message of your VideoLink. And unlike hard-coded video files, VideoLink lets you make changes and updates to your ad as often as you like.

Get Started! Create a VideoLink now.

Sample VideoLinkChoose from multiple VideoLink options: a basic player, an enhanced player or both. The basic player features video only and can be embedded into a webpage or popup window. The enhanced player includes links to a location map, auto details, send to a friend, and contact us. But no matter which you choose, with up to 12 photos and voiceover narration that highlights key features, VideoLinks will satisfy consumer curiosity.

Plus, you’ll be able to repurpose VideoLinks in multiple formats to meet the requirements of different websites, thus further increasing the reach of your video advertising.

Customize your VideoLink with the following options:

  • Basic or Enhanced Player
  • Up to 12 Property Photos
  • Pre-written or Custom Narration
  • Personalized Music Tracks
  • Multiple Layout and Color Options